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Glow Spoon

just glow with it
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For the Night Owls

The Glow Spoon allows you to effectively see what you’re doing at night or in dark places without the need for a torch. How does it work? Just shine the LED keyring light on the spoon's UV activated surface for a few seconds until it glows, take the light away, and the spoon holds all the light you need to see what you're doing. 

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The Glow Spoon Story

In The Beginning ...

Glow Spoon was born on the Sun Stage dancefloor at Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017. The idea of being able to see what you're doing at night without a torch was  the spark that launched the product. After several months of testing and sampling we released our first spoon - The OG Green Glow Spoon. Our range now includes Neon Blue and White.